Draft Beer

Serving draft beer has never been more easy, reliable and convenient.

Specializing in building draft beer dispensing systems and solutions. Helping to improve profitability by delivering steady pour quality from the keg to the glass

Wireless Pouring

Now all brands of draft beer can be tracked with the wireless flow meter. With the use of touch screen computer and software all your pours are time stamped with brand, the amount, location and time of pour

beer delivery systems

Portion Control

DSI portion control draft system will eliminate ‘over pouring’ and provide an exact amount each and every time you pull the tap handle. Also all pours are stored in the system and can be printed out to let you know what brands are being poured per station


Controlling draft beer with flow meters is simple, fast and very effective. It provides you with an accurate cost control system and a simple and very efficient way of controlling beer sales. Auper metering systems are well known for their accuracy and durability